River Guardianship

I am the river...sit and listen to my wisdom.
— Ian Menard

Our platform is designed to serve as a catalyst for community engagement for the protection and preservation of the San Marcos River.  Our aim is to help broaden awareness and to increase participation with various river protection efforts organized by city and community groups.  


The Mermaid Round-Up

The culmination of the Mermaid SPLASH Festival is Mermaid's Society's annual river cleanup event that takes place on the Sunday following SPLASH.  The Mermaid Round-Up is a “call to action” and serves as a first-step for community members to be introduced or “re-introduced” to riverbank and park cleanup efforts.  This family-friendly event is designed to inspire youth to model our super-hero, the San Marcos Mermaid, to be river guardians for the San Marcos River.

Participants will be joined by both enthusiasts and experts in the field and learn about the many opportunities to be involved with river protection throughout the year.  

I am so pleased to hear that the Mermaid Society SMTX will help to educate the community about the special nature of the ecosystem of our river here, and the river’s endangered species. We can always use the help in spreading the word, and I believe the Mermaid Society will find ways to involve people who have not yet been involved in the effort to take care of this river. We welcome all the help they can give!
— Dianne Wassenich, Executive Director – San Marcos River Foundation